So i don’t wear a bindi,

My mother doesn’t wear a Sari,

I have almond eyes,

How did that give you a right to treat me such? How did that make you think – you have a right to overpower me?

And how does this make me a lesser citizen?

Ah, i forget, i don’t speak Hindi,

And you think i should

you who stand in attention to the national anthem in movie halls,

“because” you say ” i’m patriotic”

you think the North East and Kashmir

Cannot but be part of India,

yet you, you would not hire a Kashmiri in your office,

You call a North East girl a chinky

and thinks all she does is sell herself away,

you applaud all the army does…

choosing to ignore their crimes.

Perhaps its time you made a Kashmiri friend,

Perhaps its time you see that facial features

don’t express a readiness to sleep with everyone

and speaking Hindi or wearing a Sari,

does not make you Indian.