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Sometimes Saturn shows up on feminist feeds

and my partner quietly smothers his feelings

the start is no place to go

what does he say but silence?

And wives are taken years before marriage

when silence is the best way to communicate

what’s more boring and heavier than a woman’s nag

that carries trails of dead, uncrumbling walls

from the start of civilization

he carries the weight of oppressing

while fighting off his privilege

and she carries the history of oppression

while nagging him to deafness

both bearing the weight of therapists

that they’ve been taught to expect

and shedding the structure of family

that inheritance and nationalities

and their inequalities are made of.

And so darkness passes like a cloud

and aloneness fills a few days

but they crawl on to happiness

and know it will pass

alongside the muddy murk of injustice

because they love or whatever it is called

that passionate burst of hormones

entangled with care and tenderness.

It’ll pass and the cycle might repeat

but it passes.