When these lives were one,

my love for you,

blind to a point of split,

your plans

your demands

for my life,

and my wants

my needs

for my life

I bowed and joyfully submitted

To your kingdom

To your body.

To your envy and jealousy.

But you’re not love,

and I took to love,

love so natural so guiltless

our eyes formed a universe

dig my nails to confirm it in the flesh

and we cry out in lust

sometimes, mostly in harmony.

But the guilt, the torment,

a jealous god, a jealous god,

so slutiness becomes my aim

pushed by your jealousy.

Ah this jealousy,

you tremble when I leave,

you shake when I say no

and you threaten and punish,

your plans disintegrate

and so you punish.

Yes I am the whore of Hosea

spreading my legs

in the crossroads.