In this song

Is Kashmir, with Raoof

Is Anantnag, with smiling people

Is the river behind his house

Is the Dal, with Karim

it rings with laughter and dreams.

Is my childhood, with my brothers

and open fields that are now

inundated with development.

Is the death of a singer

and many singers

shot for life and living

by the wielder of death.

Is that flat in Vidyanagar

remember we cried and laughed

shared the lightest and darkest


My love, i cannot find you

i have searched in smells

i have searched in colours of green

and looked for you in your similars

perhaps i lost my way

in the many crossroads

But in this song

i find traces of you

traces of the happiness

in the intoxicating past.

And i will listen

till i am drunk

with melancholy.

In this song

is the loss

changing life itself.

I’ll find you

my love

in reflections

maybe you gave us this

to find our way.