IMG_20160121_173843Where do we find the place to mourn

The boy who died when bullets found him

Crossing the streets of faceless wars

The young man who took his life

Walking the dead and holy places of thought

The young woman who dared

To walk the night

The young person that life was torn

In the hands of the many that raped her

Where is that place?

Our mourning spaces are filled

With the hounds of validation

Validate your suffering,

Validate your dalit


Validate your innocent woman


Validate your good student


Validate validate validate

The pain lays buried under

The earth has hardened

The flower that bloomed

Crushed under the boots

The well of tears


Absorbed by file over file

Over file

Of paperwork.

Grief turned to endless

Jungles of bureaucratic


Maybe when all is dust

And the terror

Inside, outside is gone

And all is lost

The wells will spring again

And the flowers bloom

We will find that place,

To mourn them then.